Corona material library Car Materials pack for C4D

Car Materials

New Corona material library car materials pack for cinema 4D.

Car material do not mean usable only for cars, obviously it can also be used for aircraft, motorcycles, bicycles, trains and others …
These Corona shader packs that are optimized to get the best realistic render faster …
Most channels have a filter for a faster adjustment.

  With the new Corona material library Car Materials

pack for cinema 4D, You improve your work, save your time and  make money.

60 very useful Shaders for Corona material library in Cinema 4D.

Content :

Rubber tire, Carbon fibers, Chrome reflector, Black chrome, LED, Lighting, Metallic car paint (flakes 8k) and Vintage car paint (no flakes) also Rusty car paint, Carpet, Fabric, Leather, Rubber tire, Precious wood, Plastic board, Brake disc and others… Most with micro scratches or fingerprints
Corona material library c4d
Ambient Occlusion, physical fresnel, displacement, normal map, multi-layer shaders.
– Format .lib4d
– Seamless maps 500 px at 8k or procedurals.
– Drag & drop
– Windows / Mac os x
– Corona for C4D version: 3.0 (core 3)
– Objects are not include

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