Corona material library c4d

Corona material library c4d

Corona material library for Cinema 4D

Here are the 4 best Corona shaders packs for Cinema 4D.

4 Corona material library for C4D very detailed and realistic.

Firstly Corona renderer is a physical engine and I found on web for every materials the best Refraction Index and visual references, Which means Corona‘s gonna react precisely and renders the best result.

Most channels have a filter for a faster adjustment.

4 different themes for 4 Corona material library c4d:

  • Ambiant occlusion, physical fresnel, displacement, normal map, multi-layer shaders, Round Edges.
  • Format .lib4d
  • Seamless maps to 500 px at 8k or procedurals.
  • Drag & drop
  • Windows / Mac os x
  • Corona for C4D version: 4.0 (core 4)

Objects presented are not included